A pencil sketch by Emily Turner

Pencil sketch by Emily Turner

I’m Jeremy and this is my portfolio site. Casting a film or TV project and can’t afford John Goodman? Help me build the Hey, It’s That Guy! reel I was destined for.

I was born in Amarillo, Texas and grew up in the Fort Worth area before moving to Chicago in 2005. I acted throughout high school and college and served as the Artistic Director for The Box Theatre Company in Fort Worth from 1999-2005. After moving here, I trained with The Second City and gained acceptance to the Conservatory there in 2008. I’ve played Titus Andronicus, performed as a stand-up comic, and also been in some of those black and white student films that the Columbia and DePaul kids used to shoot in Grant Park.

I took a break from acting for a while, but now that I’ve finally aged into my face I would like to get back into it full time. I’m also available as a script doctor and writer for web series, films, and sketch comedy. Contact me for an audition or to discuss writing rates.



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