To Kiss A Mockingbird

From Cracked.com: 23 Classic Movies Remade As Lighthearted Romantic Comedies, created by GermyNickels

I write short and feature screenplays, comedy sketches, standup material, strongly worded letters, photoplasty, and occasional testimonials against Nature’s most evil vegetable. I love to work as a script doctor or the punch-up guy, so if you have a script that needs streamlining, structure, or jokes let’s talk about rates.

Some recent produced projects:

Meet In A Public Place is a short HD comedy about the false sense of safety we gain from Googling our internet dates. It was shot in Chicago for less than $100 and directed by my girlfriend, Captain Awkward.

Cliff Notes: The Show is a web series set in Dallas’s Oak Cliff neighborhood, created by Michael Johnson. It chronicles the life of a group of geeky used bookstore employees.



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