Please click here to see my acting resume.

Here is a very short film that is my acting reel.

Here are a few recent photos: Headshot of Jeremy Jeremy headshot Jeremy looking belligerent

In the winter I grow a defensive beard: Jeremy in a red velour sweatsuit near a Christmas tree

In May, my friends at my day job and I compete for who can grow the douchiest mustache (I usually win):

70s Vice Cop

70s Vice Cop

Jeremy with scuzzy mustache


Jeremy looking all coach-y.

Coach Dirtbag.


The default Halloween Costume is always Walter Sobchak :

Dressed as Walter from The Big Lebowski

How did I not win a prize at Lebowski Fest?

Jeremy as Walter



Feel free to transform me into the friendly big dude or terrifying big dude your script requires.


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